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Into the Motherlands RPG Funds in 90 Minutes

Into the Motherlands is an RPG developed by an all BIPOC creative team that tells a story of a lost expedition that set out to find a "new world" and does...but it isn't at all the world they expected.

Hundreds of years later the world these explorers find themselves upon is called Musalia. Players can play a descendant of these explorers, or play as one of the cultures who are native to this adoptive homeworld.

The show Into the Motherlands is a streaming experience featuring performers Tanya DePass (Rivals of Waterdeep), Michael Sinclair II (Second Star to the Right), Krystina Arielle (host, Star Wars: The High Republic Show), Deejay Knight, Aabria Iyengar and storyteller Eugenio Vargas. The show is sponsored by Twitch, only broadcasting on Twitch, and is currently in its second season.

The Kickstarter for the RPG experience launched on Tuesday and was funded within 90 minutes. As of the publication of this article, Motherlands is already 300% funded with almost 2200 backers. It's a featured project on the front page of Kickstarter, and was appearing in hundreds of supportive tweets across the bird app.

It's been so successful the team is planning more and more stretch goals to keep up with the campaign's rapidly increasing support.

Into the Motherlands (the show) is powered using the Cortex RPG system with modification by the design team to ensure it meets the flavour of the game they're looking for.

The final product may use the Cortex RPG system (it's a product of Fandom tabletop, so that requires licensing negotiations) or it may be a system of the team's own design.

It's easy to be excited by a system whose development is led by Creative Director Tanya DePass and Lead Developer B. Dave Walters, with a team that includes Gabe James, Jasmine Bhullar, and Eugenio Vargas; the development team is as "all-star" as you can get in the TTRPG community so it's a project that's worth checking out, and thousands of people already agree.

Expectations for the project are rising astronomically...but this is a team that can deliver.

The Kickstarter is only in its third day and runs until June 20th.

You can find the full information here.


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