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The Crew

Gary Milakovic Fort Nerd Toronto Podcast

Gary is the editor of and host of The Cocked Die podcast.


He played his first D&D game at the age of seven and fondly remembers not understanding the difference between dispel and detect magic. "Why do you keep trying to dispel magic?"


"'cause I want to know if there's magic here!"


It was a great time.


Throughout the years he's been a writer and community organizer for the Living Greyhawk Campaign, including running the KET-chup convention in Toronto for three years. He's currently the lead organizer for Geekz United.


By day, he's a communications and marketing pro, and by night...well...he hasn't confirmed or denied that he's Batman, so who can say one way or the other.


Matt is a writer for and a long time D&D player and gaming enthusiast

Like many he grew up with Nintendo throughout childhood and during university he ended up living with roommates who grew up playing D&D. Soon the entire house was running campaigns together.


Originally starting with D&D 3.5, Matt has also played D&D 4e, but now largely focuses on D&D 5e.

Matt works with charities as an events organizer and relationships manager. He aims to bring his passions for gaming and charity together, and often streams under the name TheGoodCause on

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