Cyberpunk: Independence is an actual play Cyberpunk Red stream and podcast. 

It combines a complex narrative and accessible mechanics explanations, designed to appeal to both those very familiar and completely unfamiliar with the Cyberpunk universe. 

Featuring an incredibly creative cast and team, Cyberpunk: Independence is fun from start to finish. 

New episodes run on Sundays at 7 pm ET, 4 pm PT at www.twitch.tv/FortNerdDotCom, starting on March 7th.

Letitia heights

The setting for Cyberpunk: Independence is Night City, but more specifically, a ten by ten block area unofficially known as Letitia Heights.


"The  Heights," as it is also known, is assigned exclusively to reClaimInc for reclamation. 

A barricaded compound (but totally not a prison), reClaimInc offers food, shelter, and (low) wages for its employees to clear out the area, which is notoriously close to the hot zone. 

The mix of booster gangs, inescapable poverty, and indentured corporate servitude has created an environment of misery that is stark, even for Night City. 



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