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"The most important thing for being a Fixer? Don't ask too many questions about the job, the client, or the merchandise."

INT: 7; REF: 5; DEX: 6; TECH: 2; COOL: 8; WILL: 8; LUCK: 6; MOVE: 7; BODY: 5; EMP 8/8

HP: 45 -- Humanity: 80/80

Operator 4

Alleycat first showed up in Letita Heights a few years ago, more or less exactly like her namesake: she was just there one day and seemed to be everywhere, showing up at the right places at the right time with exactly the right Tech equipment for anyone who needed it. (Even if she had no idea just what that Tech does.)

Like any self-respecting stray (or any decent Fixer), she knows better than to bite the hand that feeds her—at least until she's got a new food source lined up. Which means now that she's doing well enough to set up shop in the abandoned sushi place on the first floor of Tab's apartment building, she's ready to leave ganger work behind her.


Athletics 8; Business 11; Brawling 8; Bribery 14; 

Concentration 10; Conversation 14; 

Drive Land Vehicle 9; Education 7; 

Evasion 12; First Aid 4; Handgun 10;

Human Perception 14; Interrogation14; 

Language (Filipino) 11; Language (Streetslang) 11;

Local Expert (Laetitia Heights) 13; Melee Weapon 11; 

Perception 11; Personal Grooming 8; Persuasion 14; 

Stealth 8; Trading 14; Wardrobe & Style 10;


Agent (Mike), shoulder bag, laptop, personal care pack, smart glasses: teleoptics/image enhance

Spiked gloves (cat paws w/claws), leisureware joggers, leisureware shorts, 4x asia pop tops, urban flash hoodie, urban flash hightop sneakers, urban flash jewelry, asia pop mirror shades, urban flash snapback


Contraceptive implant,

light tattoo (cat, left arm),

light tattoo (star, left shoulder),

light tattoo (star, right shoulder),

light tattoo (star, midriff)

Weapons and Armor

Balisong, baseball bat, medium pistol, heavy pistol,

40 bullets

Light armorjack helmet and body armor

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