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Terrain and Creature Carrying Cases are Coming

D&D is introducing some new accessories and they are going to be pretty useful for DMs to enhance the immersive feeling of their games.

They creature and terrain boxes and they're available for pre-order now!

The terrain box includes tiles, tokens, and a lot that's going to quickly (and relatively inexpensively relative to other similar systems) bring some cool visuals to your games.

It comes in carrying case format, so it'll be easy to get from place to place (c'mon, you know you can tetris this thing in the back of your car alongside everything else.)

The creature box is similar in concept to Pathfinder pawns, but executed very, very differently.

In the creature box, players will get a series of different sized round tokens that will suit any size of monster that they are looking to field.

The box also comes with an arrow of stickers to suit many of the archetypal monsters from D&D. The best part? The stickers cling so they're reusable. It's fair to expect that D&D will launch future sticker collections to

supplement the collection, but hopefully at a lower price point than the Pathfinder pawns because the production is less labour intensive.

It's a cool new addition to accessory town!


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