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Spinning Fate: Epic Rewards for 5e

"Fate has a terrible power. You cannot escape it by wealth or war. No fort will keep it out, no ships outrun it."

After five years is inspiration feeling...a little uninspired?

Spinning Fate: Heroic Boons and Banes can change all that! With hundreds of situational boosts (and hindrances) for players, Spinning Fate can take your reward game to epic levels!

It provides a fun look at some of the ways you can boost your players, beyond just giving them advantage or disadvantage. It can be used selectively, with a DM providing the boon or bane that is most appropriate for the group at the time.

Or? Let fate decide, with the roll of a d100.

The choice is yours.

50% of author proceeds will benefit Jesse's Journey and research for Duchenne Muscular Dystropy.

It's available now, on DM's Guild. Click here to explore further, and for a 5 page preview.


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