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D&D TV Series in Active Development

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

D&D on the small screen? Not as far-fetched as you'd think! As we noted in our report of the Hasbro investors call last year, it was clear that Hasbro had big plans for D&D. We took the talk of a D&D TV with a grain of salt, but noted the merits of such an entertainment proposition. However, it's less of a fantasy now, as The Hollywood Reporter tracks that Derek Kolstad, who is the creator, and writer, for the John Wick series.

It's not all platinum pieces and natural 20s though, as THR notes he's "been tapped to develop a pitch for a live-action series based on the Dungeons & Dragons universe." (Emphasis mine) So they want to do it, they think he might be good at it, but it's by no means guaranteed.

We may never hear about this project again, but it's a step in the right direction. As we noted previously, the lore and history of Dungeons & Dragons could provide content for a dozen shows at a dozen seasons each. IF...they're done right.

While Kolstad has been tapped for a pitch, THR adds "[he] isn't the only scribe working on a D&D series, as eOne is now working with and looking for multiple writers to develop various projects set in the fantasy universe."

So while it's not guaranteed, by Helm's Helm it sure sounds exciting.


Image courtesy of Variety.


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