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D&D live returns

It's back...and it's spectacular.

Yesterday Dungeons & Dragons announced that its star-studded streaming spectacle, D&D live would return for 2021, but with a twist: they've partnered with G4. That's right, the formerly mothballed G4 gaming/tech television channel, has partnered with D&D to take on tabletop.

Premiering on July 16th & 17th, D&D live will include streaming games, product announcements, DM roundtables, exclusive giveaways, and more.

G4 and D&D will continue this partnership leading into the fall season with 4 limited D&D series, which will include G4 talent, veteran D&D players, and celebrities.

It is an absolutely wild time to be a D&D fan.

It wasn't so long ago (okay, no, it really was a really long time ago) that nobody'd ever heard of D&D and now it's arguably one of the most valuable entertainment properties on earth.

It's a joy, no longer having to hide in a lightless basement, tucked beneath blankets, to play our favorite game.

I mean, we still do's just a joy we don't have to.


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