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D&D TV? Updates from the investor call

Is this the real life? Or is it just fantasy?

That's hard to say, but according to Hasbro's Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner it may be more reality, than fantasy.

On it's earnings call Hasbro (the parent company of Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons & Dragons) hinted that there's great interest in a live action D&D television show saying "they're also working on a couple of different approaches because there is so much mythology and canon to Dungeons & Dragons for live-action television, and there's been very strong interest."

It's important to note that these earning calls are about sizzle. Take what's said with a grain of salt. They are designed to build investor confidence in the company (read: build confidence in the stock value) and perhaps increase its position by drawing more investment.

However, in the case of D&D TV, there is a real argument to its validity as a concept.

More and more streaming services are going live and competing for content. Dungeons & Dragons, particularly The Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk, have deep mythos on which dozens of years of quality content might be based.

Hulu, Prime, Netflix: all are hungry for content. D&D can offer that. Goldner even went on to note that "[w]e've talked about how many global streamers and other terrestrial broadcasters have been very interested in Dungeons & Dragons."

An epic tale featuring Drizzt or Elminster in the style of The Witcher or Game of Thrones 1-5 (not 6-8, ugh) could do very well with some money behind it.

Fans have proven that they will flock to good fantasy content. It's not a gamble; not anymore.


D&D on screen

Goldner also confirmed something we already knew, that the D&D live-action film is in active production. Joe Manganiello produces there.


D&D Sales

The call confirmed the sales trend of the past three years: D&D continues to grow. 2018 was the best sales year for D&D. Ever.

Then 2019 was.

Now, 2020, and "the quest for at-home entertainment" has pushed D&D revenues up 20% in quarter 3. D&D revenues were also buoyed by the early access release of Baldur's Gate 3, to "strong reception" ahead of its full release next year.

Force knows enough people were streaming it on day 1 to make this at the very least anecdotally correct.

It also reminded that Dark Alliance is also launching next year, which makes 2021 a great year for D&D Digital.


It was a pretty interesting call for D&D fans as the brand drives more and more revenue. Hasbro respects the brand's power.

We'll see how all of this rolls out in the coming months!



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