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"You don't have to be blood to be family."

INT: 8; REF: 7; DEX: 5; TECH: 6; COOL: 3; WILL: 3; LUCK: 7; MOVE: 6; BODY: 6; EMP 7/7

HP: 45 -- Humanity: 70/70

Maker 4

Tab's been a loner most of her life. She lost her family, she thinks. She doesn't remember anything about who they might have been, and all she has left of them now is the run-down apartment building she inherited.

So she's created her own family, slowly coming to care for the tenants in her building: Alleycat, who just showed up one day, looking for a place to crash. Cicero, who spends most of his time up in his loft, interfacing on the datapool. Billie, who, to Tab's frustration, has bested her scores on almost every vintage gaming console.

Tab won't let anyone take her people away again.


Athletics 7; Brawling 7; Concentration 5; 

Conversation 13; Education 14; 

Electronics/Security Tech 12; Evasion 11;

First Aid 12; Human Perception 10; 

ILand Vehicle Tech 10; Language (Streetslang) 10;

Local Expert (Laetitia Heights) 10; 

Perception 10; Persuasion 5; 

Science (Math) 14; Shoulder arms 13;

Stealth 9; Weaponstech 12;


Agent (Cecilia), disposable cell phone, duct tape (5), flashlight, road flare (5), tech bag

Leisurewear tops, leisurewear mirrorshades, leisurewear bottoms, leisurewear jacket, leisurewear jewelry



Weapons and Armor

Shotgun (100 shells)

Flashbang grenade

Light armorjack body armor

Light armorjack helmet


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