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Rockerboy - presumed dead

"The corps; the governments; they think you don't matter. That one person can't make a difference. They're wrong."

INT: 7; REF: 8; DEX: 5; TECH: 3; COOL: 8; WILL: 6; LUCK: 6; MOVE: 4; BODY: 7; EMP 7/8

HP: 45 -- Humanity: 70/80

Charismastic Impact 4

Cicero grew up in complete luxury. The son of corporate executives, his every whim was met; at least until a team of corporate samurai crashed their pad and flatlined his parents and two sisters. It turns out that his parents were part of an organization seeking to overthrow the corporate structure and return power to the people. Something the corps didn't much appreciate.

Knowing both incalculable wealth and abject poverty informed his worldview; his ministrations on the data pool are evidence of that. His sermon about hope and its value as a commodity is by far his most popular. He's trying to carve out a niche in Night City that allows him to restore hope to so many who've abandoned it.

And since his "Hope isn't a Commodity" vid is his most viewed, maybe...just maybe, some people may see it that way too.


Acting 13; Athletics 7; Brawling 7; Bureaucracy 11

Conceal/Reveal Object 12; Concentration 8;

Deduction 12; Drive 12; Education 9;

Evasion 11; First Aid 5; Handgun 14;

Human Perception 15; Interrogation 14;

Language (English) 11; Language (Streetslang) 9;

Library Search 11; Local Expert (Laetitia Heights) 9;

Perception 13; Personal Grooming 14;

Persuasion 14; Pilot (Air) 9; Stealth 6; 

Tracking 8; Wardrobe and Style 14


Agent (Phil), carryall, laptop, anti-smog mask, binoc,

pocket amplifier, 3 food sticks, personal care pack,

2 mem chips, grapple gun & 120' nylon rope


Voice stress analyzer, chemskin, tech hair,

light tattoo (wings, left chest),

light tattoo (restless, inside left wrist),

light tattoo (coiled scroll, left calf)

Weapons and Armor

Switchblade, heavy pistol (subtext), 100 bullets

Light armorjack helmet and body armor

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